Month: April 2019

An Old School Approach to Tying the Knot

Rebooting your lifestyle in order to incorporate an old school way of life that will make your love life, marriage and parenting happier and much more rewarding.

How I’m Coming to Terms With a Breakup

My significant other of four years and I broke up today. Truly, this morning, at breakfast, over eggs.

And I’m actually okay.

Domestic Abuse: 4 Reasons Why We Stay

I was watching a documentary the other night about a lady who was in an abusive relationship which ended in her being set on fire by her partner and dying.  A horrific…

The Complete Guide to Bullet Journals

Time to toss out those generic store-bought planners and make room for something better! If you love being organized (or the idea of it), odds are you’re probably using some sort of…