Can we Live in a World Without Labels?

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I dream of a world without labels – a world where we never feel the need or desire to fill in the blanks of the statements “I am…” or “You are…” with some kind of ineffectual descriptor.  A world where we can feel satisfied and secure in simply saying “I AM”.

Too many of us identify with our labels in unhealthy ways, in ways that cause stagnation and remove our personal power and freedom to just “be”.  Instead of using our labels as springboards off of which we can change, grow and evolve as individuals, we instead succumb to a linear way of thinking that disables us.  Our label becomes more than a crutch.  It becomes an Everest-scale mountain that we cannot seem to surpass.  More than that, we use that mountain to pit ourselves against those with no mountains, or with mountains of different colours or creeds or cultures.  We compare our mountains to those that live in other places in the world, and because we compare, we will find lacking either our mountain – or theirs.  We use our mountain to create an impenetrable barrier, an us-versus-them stance that cannot be broken down no matter what we experience.

Can we distance ourselves from our issues?  Feeling the rain instead of being the rain.  Witnessing the choas without becoming the chaos.  Having an experience of addiction without being an addict.  Living through mental crisis without being mentally ill.

Can we see beyond our physicality?  Having a body without the driving need to label it as fat, small, tall, thin, gangly, shapely, hairy, female, male, trans, white, black, or beautiful?  Having relationships without labelling them friend, spouse, gay, bi, straight?  Can we just be people?

More than being people, can we dissolve our labels entirely? Stop separating our species, identifying it as a different mountain than the animals, plants, minerals, water, rocks, whales, angels, earth?

Can we just be?

I dream of this world.

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Heidi Light
Heidi Light

Heidi Light is an Author, Blogger, Counsellor, Speaker, Leader of a social movement called The REAL Revolution, and Creator of Wisdom House - a blog, resource centre and community portal. Her websites are:,,

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  1. Very interesting post. I always think life would be easier without labels. But nowadays, so many new words are coming to light and terms I feel there are more labels now than ever. I don’t think there will ever not be labels.

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