My Experience with Pain

When I was a child I got scarred pretty badly. First my feet, then my chest. I had a love-hate relationship with fire becoming the epitome of “moth to a flame”. Ever…

Are You in a Toxic Friendship? Here’s How to Spot a Red Flag Friend

A red flag friend is someone who doesn’t make you feel good when you’re around them – but you still spend time with them anyway. You make plans with them and dread it. Sometimes red flag friends can seem cool at first, but those little red flags start popping up very quickly in every conversation, text or night out.

How I’m Coming to Terms With a Breakup

My significant other of four years and I broke up today. Truly, this morning, at breakfast, over eggs.

And I’m actually okay.

The Complete Guide to Bullet Journals

Time to toss out those generic store-bought planners and make room for something better! If you love being organized (or the idea of it), odds are you’re probably using some sort of…

Is Social Media as Harmful to our Mental Health as we Think?

Okay, so we’ve all seen the articles – ‘Six Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Your Mental Health‘; ‘New Studies Show Just How Bad Social Media Is For Mental Health‘; ‘The Evil Way…

Has Adulthood Lived Up to our Expectations?

Here’s a list of the top 3 lessons we never got taught, which ultimately made us realise that adulthood was nowhere near as fun as we thought it would be.