Are You in a Toxic Friendship? Here’s How to Spot a Red Flag Friend

A red flag friend is someone who doesn’t make you feel good when you’re around them – but you still spend time with them anyway. You make plans with them and dread it. Sometimes red flag friends can seem cool at first, but those little red flags start popping up very quickly in every conversation, text or night out.

Managing Your Thoughts: Emotional and Mental Self-Care

We can learn to manage our thoughts in effective and healthy ways, which includes observing them, honoring them, altering them, or completely re-vamping them where necessary.  We will never rid ourselves of…

Emotions Matter: Caring For Your Mental Health

We feel to live just as much as we eat to live, yet can you imagine never learning anything at all about food, denying the existence of food, withholding food, resenting food, fighting or repressing food,…

Helpful Tips for Mental and Emotional Self-Care

Let’s be clear – self-care is not “selfish”.  Self-care is wise and necessary.  After all, we can’t “pour from an empty cup” or “drink from an empty well”.  As the old adage…

How I’m Coming to Terms With a Breakup

My significant other of four years and I broke up today. Truly, this morning, at breakfast, over eggs.

And I’m actually okay.