Emotions Are Not “Toxic”: Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You to “Get Rid of the Bad Ones”

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Every emotion has purpose and value. Our feelings are guideposts, showing us who we are, what we feel is important, what we need. We feel what we feel for good reasons. It’s important that we acknowledge what we feel, learn to understand and navigate our emotions in ways that are healthy instead of destructive, and stop believing people who tell us to “get rid of the bad ones”.

I have to say that I’m tired of people who make other people feel bad for feeling.  Every emotion is valuable and purposeful.  Anger is NOT a toxic emotion.  Anger is healthy and necessary, as are all of our emotions.

It’s what we DO with them that matters. But, in our culture, we are not taught how to understand them and use them in a positive way.  We are told to discard the “negative” ones and to raise the vibration of the “lower” ones, to ignore what they are telling us in favour of thinking “positively”.  THIS angers me, and rightfully so.  It’s no wonder that mental health issues are skyrocketing.  That’s a natural consequence of emotional mismanagement.  When we try to deny any part of ourselves, or when we believe that any part of us is innately bad, we throw ourselves into emotional and mental imbalance.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you, though, or for anyone.  There are ways to learn about your emotions, ways to honour what they are telling you about yourself and about your life, your world.  They are meant to be used for good purpose, and there are plenty of therapists and counsellors out there, like myself, who want to help you do that!

It’s so crucial to our health and wellbeing that we acknowledge ALL the parts of us as valuable and necessary.  We are designed to use every part to learn about ourselves and to grow.  Our emotions are our guideposts for living a life!  There is no such thing as a “bad” one – only a mismanaged one.

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Heidi Light
Heidi Light

Heidi Light is an Author, Blogger, Counsellor, Speaker, Leader of a social movement called The REAL Revolution, and Creator of Wisdom House - a blog, resource centre and community portal. Her websites are: www.heidilight.com, www.getrealforrealchange.com, www.wisdomhouselearning.com.

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