Who Said She Said is a platform encouraging women writers, bloggers and creators (though anyone is welcome!) to share their opinions, stories, and the stuff that really matters. We’re always on the lookout for engaging, thought-provoking, and interesting content. If you want to submit something to the blog, make sure you read the information listed below.

Interested in posting something to the blog?

Please know that Who Said She Said is a not-for-profit blog. The blog is a place for women to talk about important issues, and the things that really matter to them. At this moment in time, the blog purposefully runs no ads (apart from those on contributor posts, where revenue goes straight back to the writer – see further down in this section) and makes no money; it wasn’t started as a money-making venture, but instead from a desire to create a place on the internet where women can be given a voice, respected, and heard.

We therefore don’t pay for guest posts, and for this reason we welcome submissions of old posts which may not get much attention anymore from personal blogs – anything at all, great or small that matters to you, can be submitted. And if you’re a creative who wants to be paid for their words, we want you to know that that’s great. You deserve it. So if you’re a writer who wants to be paid, then no worries – feel free to read the content on here, comment, join the discussion, but you shouldn’t have to give up your words for free if you don’t want to. Creativity and monetary gain aren’t fundamentally linked, but of course we live in a world where for a lot of people they can be, and for some people they have to be, so we understand why some creators want to be rightfully paid for their work. However, again, we’re completely non-profit – and money is not the reason this blog’s here – so we hope you can understand it from our point of view.

We’re always open to any new ideas for content that you feel would fit in with the blog. However, if you need some prompting, posts that cover any of these topics are ones which we often publish:

  • Opinion and thought pieces
  • Social commentary
  • Personal experiences or anecdotes
  • Lifestyle, physical and mental health

If you want to submit a post, then we’ve got some guidelines about what we post that you’ll need to take a look at first. Click here for the nitty gritty details.

Email your submission at submit@whosaidshesaid.com with subject ‘Content Submission’. Please remember not to include attachments in your email. All the information you need to include in your submission is listed in the guidelines. We aim to respond to all submissions within 7 days.