sunflower by Dani Madanayake (Creative Writing Month)

As part of our Creative Writing Month at Who Said She Said, we’re sharing this short story submitted by guest contributor Dani Madanayake.

Sunflowers from my 21st birthday. Thanks mum. Source: Dani Madanayake. Used with permission

New page, new page, false starts, new beginnings. And what are you going to do differently this time?

At least I will never have to look back on my life and say, ‘I wish I had loved more’. The world is a hallucinogenic soup and there is so much and everything that can cause us pain. Pain you can see, pain you can’t, pain that settles into your soul like a winter or worse, an endless autumn.

We come here, we cannot choose where we land, and must endure every rock and stone. Sure, you can pick them up and throw them at other people, but it won’t make your own blood any cleaner.

And no one’s blood is ever truly clean.

The flower that saves us comes in many forms, many colours, shapes and sizes and fragrances. They are dotted all across the roadside, and on the corners of houses.

I have been lucky. I find flowers wherever I go and have one in almost every colour.

Many of those close to me are losing theirs or fighting to hold on. Even as the thorns scrape their palms and spill blood down their forearms. I watch it all. I cannot help them.

I know you think of the one shade you are missing. But the journey does not end at this farmhouse; the trees give you shade but this won’t last forever. Nothing does. None of us do.

And when we must leave, the flowers will be all we have left.

I hope you find what you seek. I hope you never walk without one. If you do, know I walk beside you. And for you seeking that last shade of gold, I promise it will find you. Just keep your eyes open.

Dani’s blog is a mix of fiction and creative nonfiction, with the fiction featuring characters that she’s had for a very long time. Check it out at!

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Dani Madanayake
Dani Madanayake

Dani is a 22 year old writer who's completing an MA in Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing. She's British, but currently lives in Melbourne. You'll either find her writing in her diary, blogging, or on Twitter, because writing is her favourite thing to do and she always has something to say!

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