Welcome to Who Said She Said!

Who Said She Said is a platform, community, and online magazine for women writers, bloggers, and creators (though anyone is welcome!)

Tired of the same old content for women?

We are too.

As much as we love reading beauty reviews and the latest Kardashian drama, there’s so much more that needs to be said and shared by inspiring and powerful women across the globe.

We’ve only just opened our doors, and are looking for content to kick-start the project. If you’ve got a post you want to share, even if it’s already been posted to a personal blog, we’d love to publish it on here (with a link back to your own blog, of course!) Click here for more info on submitting to Who Said She Said.

If you believe in what we’re setting out to do, and you’re interested in reading some kick-ass content from some amazing women, please give this post a share. Also feel free to sign up to our mailing list (which can be found on our homepage and the sidebar) to receive updates on new posts and more.


Who Said She Said
Who Said She Said

A corner of the internet empowering women bloggers and promoting positivity and creativity.

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